Sara Hanna (tornandbruised) wrote in bodyjewelry,
Sara Hanna

Entire plug collection plus handmade jewelry box for storage


Trying to sell all pairs together. However, I am open to selling individual pieces. Sizes range from 2g to 3/4".

Top Row: 18mm Ebony Wood, $20.
17mm Orange Osage Wood, $20.
17mm Bloodwood, $20.
17mm Bethlehem Olive Wood, $20.
17mm Horn Tunnels, $10.
16mm Surgical Steel, $15.
16mm Black Anodized Surgical Steel, $15.
16mm Opalite, $15.

Second Row:
23mm Horn Flowers: Sold.
16mm Blue Glass, $15.
16mm "Malted Milkshake" Stone, $15.
16mm Carnelian Stone, $10.
18mm Aqua Stone, $15.
18mm Gold coated Steel with Bling: $25.
2g Acrylic Spirals: $10.

Third Row:
19mm Surgical Steel, $15.
14mm SS with Transformers resin inlay, $25.
13mm Red Stone, $10.
13mm Green Stone, $10.
12mm Blue Glass, $10.
13mm Red Stone, $10.
11mm Acrylic Hearts, $10.
10mm Surgical Steel Screw on Eyelets, $10.
8mm Horn and Bone (2 pairs, one black with white, one white with black), $10 each.


Left Side:
Agate (white and peach coloured), $25.
Green Stone Tunnels, $15.
Red Glass Eyelets, $25.
Horn and Bone Stars, $15.
Agate stone tunnels: SOLD.
Black Stone, $20.

Right Side:
Howlite Stone, $20.
Green Stone: $20.
Agate: $20.
Red Stone: $20.
White Horn tunnels: $20.
Rose Quartz Stone: $20.

To buy each piece separately would cost you $555. I'll let the whole collection go for $400. Great for those people who are starting small and going larger, lots of variety in most sizes. :) Please contact me if interested! :)
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is anything in there 7/16"?
Yep! The pink plugs on the bottom row with the hearts are 7/16". :)
you might want to be a bit more specific about the materials and sizes if you want to get them sold, makes it easier on the buyer.
Yep, done and done. :)
That is really helpful. It provided me a number of ideas and I'll be placing them on my web site eventually. I'm bookmarking your blog and I'll be back. Thanks again!

I'm sorry, but what do you mean, you'll be placing them on your website eventually?
Прочитал, конечно, далеко от моей темы. Но, все же, можно с вами сотрудничать. Как вы сами относитесь к доверительному управлению?
Sorry, I don't speak ... well, what I assume is Russian, but whatever it is, I can't speak it. :P