Sara Hanna (tornandbruised) wrote in bodyjewelry,
Sara Hanna

Entire plug collection plus handmade jewelry box for storage


Trying to sell all pairs together. However, I am open to selling individual pieces. Sizes range from 2g to 3/4".

Top Row: 18mm Ebony Wood, $20.
17mm Orange Osage Wood, $20.
17mm Bloodwood, $20.
17mm Bethlehem Olive Wood, $20.
17mm Horn Tunnels, $10.
16mm Surgical Steel, $15.
16mm Black Anodized Surgical Steel, $15.
16mm Opalite, $15.

Second Row:
23mm Horn Flowers: Sold.
16mm Blue Glass, $15.
16mm "Malted Milkshake" Stone, $15.
16mm Carnelian Stone, $10.
18mm Aqua Stone, $15.
18mm Gold coated Steel with Bling: $25.
2g Acrylic Spirals: $10.

Third Row:
19mm Surgical Steel, $15.
14mm SS with Transformers resin inlay, $25.
13mm Red Stone, $10.
13mm Green Stone, $10.
12mm Blue Glass, $10.
13mm Red Stone, $10.
11mm Acrylic Hearts, $10.
10mm Surgical Steel Screw on Eyelets, $10.
8mm Horn and Bone (2 pairs, one black with white, one white with black), $10 each.


Left Side:
Agate (white and peach coloured), $25.
Green Stone Tunnels, $15.
Red Glass Eyelets, $25.
Horn and Bone Stars, $15.
Agate stone tunnels: SOLD.
Black Stone, $20.

Right Side:
Howlite Stone, $20.
Green Stone: $20.
Agate: $20.
Red Stone: $20.
White Horn tunnels: $20.
Rose Quartz Stone: $20.

To buy each piece separately would cost you $555. I'll let the whole collection go for $400. Great for those people who are starting small and going larger, lots of variety in most sizes. :) Please contact me if interested! :)
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